Global Youth Leaders Program

What's the

GYL Program

On the occasion of the G7 Italy and as part of the Y7 Italy process, we are thrilled to officially launch the GYL Program, a training initiative created by YAS, in collaboration with Italian and international institutions, international organisations and the private sector.

During the program you’ll have the unique opportunity to:

  • engage with experts from the Italian Presidency of the G7, leading international organisations, and Italian companies;
  •  contribute to the development of policy proposals that will be presented to the G7 Presidency.

Upon completing the program, you will receive a certificate to acknowledge your participation.


Thematic Workshops

Aimed at deepening your understanding of the principal international challenges. These workshops will occur once or twice per month, lasting between one to two hours each and scheduled usually during lunchtime. While the majority of these sessions will be conducted in a virtual format, we are also planning to host some workshops in a hybrid format.

They will be articulated in 3 modules:

Understanding international processes and negotiations
Understanding international challenges
Advocacy and political communication

Policy Labs

These sessions offer you the chance to collaborate with other youth leaders on policy proposals that will be put forward to the G7 Presidency. From March to May, each Policy Lab session will last approximately one and a half hours and will be conducted virtually.

The GYL is run in collaboration with the Italian G7 Presidency, major international organisations such as ILO, UNDP, OECD, UNICEF, UN SDG LAB, FAO, WFP, UNSSC and the private sector.

Some examples of the workshops include:

  • Understanding the G7 process and the G7 Italy Priorities with experts of the G7 Italian Presidency;
  • Negotiation techniques in an international context in collaboration with the United Nations System Staff College;
  • Understanding International Challenges: New Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Future of Work in collaboration with ILO and OECD;
  • AI, Ethics and Policy Making in collaboration with Microsoft;
  • Sustainability & Climate Change in collaboration with UNDP
    and others…

It will address the following international challenges:

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change
Inclusion and Equal Opportunities
Innovation and Digital Transformation
New Skills, Entrepreneurship and the Future of Work

Send your application before the
25th of February 23:59
if you are interested in putting your skills into action to solve global challenges!

Applications are now closed!
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