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G7 and Y7

In 2024, Italy is hosting the G7. The Youth 7 (Y7) is the official youth engagement group of the G7 and it is the platform that allows young people to share their ideas and policy proposals with the Heads of State and Government of the G7 countries.

The Young Ambassadors Society is the Italian non-profit association Chair of the Y7 2024, in collaboration with the G7 Italian Presidency.

Y7 2024 is a hub of innovative policies and a year-long process that engages hundreds of young people from around the world with a single goal: to take concrete steps towards building a more sustainable and inclusive world.

About the

Young Ambassadors Society

About the

Young Ambassadors Society

The Young Ambassadors Society (YAS) was founded in 2011 with the goal of empowering young people, offering them opportunities to make an impact and join official global policy making processes.

Together with a global network of international associations, YAS is one of the founding members of the Y20 and Y7, the official youth engagement groups of the G20 and G7 Summits. Since their foundation, YAS has been responsible for these engagement groups for Italy in collaboration with the Italian Presidency and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

On the occasion of the G7 Italy in 2024, YAS is Chair of the Y7 Italy.

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How can you join the Y7 process?

The Italian Delegation

and become one of the 4 chosen delegates who will
take part to the Y7 Summit

The Global Youth Leaders Program

to learn more about global challenges with a multicultural perspective

Share your ideas and policy proposals
Keep updated through our channels


Delegates play a pivotal role in the Y7 process. Over 100 international young leaders participate, engaging in policy discussions and decision-making. They represent diverse perspectives, contributing to policy proposals on global challenges. Delegates collaborate to formulate recommendations, influencing the G7 agenda with innovative, youth-driven solutions.

Priority Areas

of Y7 Italy 2024

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change
Inclusion and Equal Opportunities
Innovation and Digital Transformation
New Skills, Entrepreneurship and the Future of Work


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January 2024

Launching an extensive survey to gather insights and opinions from young people globally. This initiative aims to directly influence the G7 Italy agenda by presenting key youth perspectives on pressing global issues. The survey focuses on collecting diverse viewpoints to shape more inclusive and effective policies.

January - May 2024
Global Youth Leaders Program

A dynamic program featuring interactive learning sessions and hands-on policy-making workshops. This program is designed to empower young leaders with essential skills and knowledge to effectively contribute to global policy dialogues. Participants will engage in discussions, collaborate on projects, and develop innovative solutions to global challenges.

March 2024

Organizing a series of consultations with both Italian and international youth associations. These meetings are crucial for fostering collaboration, exchanging ideas, and building a united front among young leaders worldwide. The consultations aim to consolidate a youth vision to be shared with G7 leaders.

May 2024
Y7 Summit

Hosting the official Y7 Summit, where international youth delegations convene to discuss and finalize their policy proposals. This summit is a key event where young voices are amplified and their collective recommendations are formulated for presentation to the G7 leaders.

June - December 2024
Advocacy activities

Engaging in a range of advocacy activities to continuously influence the G7 Italy process throughout the year. These activities include dialogue with policymakers, public campaigns, and collaborative efforts with strategic partners to ensure that the youth-generated proposals are considered and integrated into the G7 deliberations.

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