Terms and conditions

Young Ambassadors Society

Terms and Conditions

G7 & G20 Youth Italian Delegates

Please read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly in order to get a better understanding of your responsibilities. It is important to understand that the Young Ambassadors Society reserves the right to discharge delegates in case of failure to comply with these requirements.

The Young Ambassadors Society (YAS) recruits and leads the members of the Y7 and Y20 Italian delegations.

YAS expects delegates to be proactive, engaged, and enthusiastic, individually as well as in the group. YAS stresses that, while taking up the role as a delegate is a great and unique experience, it is also an important commitment. Delegates understand that they are expected to spend time preparing the Summits, e.g. by supporting YAS to organize consultations with young Italian people and associations, by researching topics, engaging in bi- and multilateral international talks, attending meetings, negotiation training, writing policy papers, and such alike. 

During the Summit each delegate will have to work actively in order to put forward his/her idea. Delegates will also have to seek contact with other members to reach out not only to the Italian delegation but also to a wider community. 

In order to advertise the delegation and their work, YAS reserves the right to feature members of the delegation. This may include using personal information such as name, age, current occupation, educational background and other similar information for online and offline outreach. 

Each Delegate should cover the expenses for the round trip to the location of the Summits. If you are facing any constraints that could potentially hinder the ability to cover the costs associated with participating in our program, we encourage you to share this with us during the interview process to explore alternative solutions.

YAS reserves the right to exclude individuals from the application process, discharge applicants from any appointments upon being selected or to take any other steps deemed necessary, in cases such as (but not limited to):

  • Voluntary or involuntary false provided information;
  • Unlawful acts in any other regard;
  • Disrespectful behaviour towards any member of the association and/or delegations
  • Lack of commitment and participation required by the role.

Rome, 26 November 2023