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đź“ŁYour Seat at the Table - Social Competition

Join our Social Competition, share your ideas and get your seat at the table!

Do you want your ideas to be heard by the G7 leaders and to share your views at the Y7 Summit? 

Do you have an idea or a concrete solution on one of this year’s topics: 

– Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change 
– Inclusion and Equal Opportunities 
– Innovation and Digital Transformation
– New Skills, Entrepreneurship and Future of Work

This is your chance! Share your proposals by May 15th, 23:59!

You will have the unique opportunity to:

– Take a seat at the table during the Y7 Summit 
– Contribute to shaping the Y7 Final CommuniquĂ©
– Show your ideas to the world through our Social Media platforms

Imagine having 1 minute to present your idea to the G7 Leaders. What would you propose?

Follow these simple steps to join the contest:

  1. Formulate Your Idea: Develop a concrete proposal on one of this year’s topics.
  2. Prepare Your Submission: Create a reel (example below) or write down your proposal using the official template.
  3. Follow us on Instagram.
  4. Submit Your Entry: Post your proposal on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us 🙂
  5. Stay Tuned: Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on the contest.

Here is an example of frame

If you prefer to record a reel please remember to:

  • Be concise and make sure you don’t exceed 1 minute
  • You don’t need to spend too much time presenting yourself, attention spans are short! Focus on sharing your proposal 🙂 
  • Make sure that your voice is clear and that you can be seen properly
  • Frame yourself with a medium close-up
  • Make sure the Y7 Logo is visible (remember: when you create a reel there is a description covering part of the video at the bottom and your name covering part of the video on top). You can use Canva (find a simple guide below) or any platform to add the Y7 Logo.
  • Practice makes perfect! Practise your delivery to appear confident and natural
  • Don’t forget to tag us 🙂

If you prefer to write down your proposal in a post, please remember to:

  • Keep it concise. Frame the issue that you want to tackle with your policy proposals in few words, and then write your proposal in a brief and direct manner.
  • Make sure your policy proposal is clear. Imagine the person reading it doesn’t have experience in the field. Would they understand it?
  • Make sure to use the provided official template
  • You can use Canva (find a guide below) or any platform to add the text
  • Max 450 characters, around 80 words.
  • Don’t forget to tag us 🙂
Here's a draft caption you can use on social media:

“As part of the Italian presidency of the G7 this year, the Young Ambassadors Society (YAS), the organisation which leads the Y7 and Y20 Youth Summits for Italy – the official engagement groups for the youth of the G7 and G20 – is organising the Y7 Summit and I want to share my proposal to get my seat at the table!

My proposal is on the topic (insert the topic you chose out of the 4 ones), and I believe (summary of the proposal).

#y7 #g7 #yas #myseatatthetable #inclusion #innovation #sustainability #futureofwork #competition”

Don’t forget to follow us and tag us on social media!!


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Are you familiar with Canva? If not, here is a guide you can use to write down your proposal

Or have a look at this tutorial for beginners:

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Do you have questions about the contest or need assistance with your submission? Contact our team for support and guidance.